“Repercussions From Saving Your Grandchild From Abuse”

I was faced with this terrible decision to make.  Do I close my eyes to my granddaughter being abused and neglected, because I wanted my daughter in my life, or do I save my grandchild and lose my daughter?  Well my decision was to save my granddaughter.   I hated to have to chose between the two of them, but I felt my daughter was an adult and could take care of herself and my granddaughter was to young to care for herself.  I hoped and prayed that by saving my granddaughter, I would ultimately save my daughter.

Has anyone else been faced with this same decision to make and if you were, what did you do and what was the outcome?

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6 responses to “CHILD ABUSE

  1. Well I wasn’t in that position exactly I was on the other side of the coin; my grandmother was faced with the decision to save me and she chose to save he husband who molested me. Her thought process I am told (she and I never discussed it, but someone else close to her knew) she believed that if my mother knew what her father did to me she would kill him and wind up prison for the murder. So she never told my mother, my grandfather was not punished, instead she blamed me which ripped my heart out.

    I can only imagine the outcome had she chose me.

    Sorry I know that didn’t answer your question, but that is what was on my heart to say.

    • Don’t be sorry for telling what is on your heart. When we talk about our past abuse that brings us one step closer to healing. I am sorry that your grandmother didn’t protect you like she should have. Is she still alive and does your mother know the truth now?

      • I told my mother the truth many years later after my grandparents had died and she was truely devastated. What was also really sad was that I thought she knew all along and was very angry with her much of my life, I had only just learned she didn’t know just before I told her about it. Our family was almost destroyed because of the abuse, lies, and secrets.

  2. I think you were so right and brave to do what you did – which was to protect the person that needed protecting. I wish my grand-parents had done the same, but they didn’t. Consequently, I decided not to have them in my life. Sad for all x

    • Thank you for your comment and I’m sorry your grandparents didn’t protect you. Was it a family member that abused you?

      • Step-father. To be fair, they didnt know at the time, but wouldnt support me when I needed them. So decided not to have them in my life any more. I want people who care, not people who are willing to collude with abuse. x

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