I am a CASA Volunteer and do not get paid for being one.  My advocacy work for abused children is strictly volunteer with no wages.

One of my goals in writing my true life story of severe childhood abuse, is to have my book ‘Sandy’s Miracle’, placed in all CASA programs nationwide, to be used as a training tool for Volunteers & Staff employee’s.  There are over 200 CASA programs nationwide, bringing the cost to provide each one with a Copy of ‘Sandy’s Miracle’ to $7000.00 plus.

If you would like to donate funds to help place a copy of ‘Sandy’s Miracle’ in any and all CASA programs nationwide, please send your donation to:

Patsy Giddings  P.O.Box 2004 Cookeville, TN 38502

Upon receiving your donation;  I will mail you a copy of my brochure with up to date child abuse information, CASA Brochure/ information and a Sandy’s Miracle book-marker etc…  Once I have received the needed funds to supply each CASA program nationwide a copy of ‘Sandy’s Miracle’ I will then ship all the books at one time.

Thanks in advance for helping me to STOP CHILD ABUSE!  May God bless you for your efforts in saving children’s live’s!


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