This is
Donna Bonine, the one who’s paintings you bought at the Fox Leaf bookstore. I meant to tell you some time ago that I so enjoyed reading your book, and that I know you must be a very very special person. And also I was so happy too have met you and your husband.  Your book makes people aware how Foster Care can be tragic or perfect for the child. I have two adopted granddaughters, and a nephew who is adopted through Foster Care, although he was a baby at the time, and they got him through the parents, and foster care. He and the girls are all fine, the grands were adopted within days of their births. I wish we could do more to promote adoption as apposed to abortion have the costs lowered, and in this country , so that we don’t have to go to foreign countries for daughters. Thanks again for the encouragement of my arts. Keep up the good work. Donna Bonine, fellow Christian, and artist.

Cheryl McAdams 7:43pm Jul 10
I read your book, actually the night we had “talked” about it. It was very moving and emotional. I have worked with so many “Sandy’s” and some don’t have the happy ending that you have. Thank you for being willing to share your story and speak for all the “Sandy’s” out there.
Dr. Laird Bridgman, Psy.D. • Patsy, I think that the PTSD Coach app is a fabulous tool. It provides an excellent description of the symptoms and causes of PTSD, along with common co-occuring problems. You also get a fully body progressive muscle relaxation coach AND a controlled, deep breathing relaxation coach. I like the feature where you can pick your own relaxing music off of your iTunes files, and calming picture out of your own photo library. To top it all off, you also get instructions and direct-dial access to emergency services and internet referral sites. The best part of all is it is FREE!!My constructive criticisms would be that the app is developed by the VA and therefore has a bit of a narrow focus in some regards. But then again, they developed the app for their patients and it is very well suited for that population. My head is spilling over with ideas for how it could be improved and adapted for a larger general population of trauma sufferers. If anybody has deep pockets and wants to finance me, give me a call! hahahThank you Patsy, for letting us know about this valuable tool. I have added it to my practice resource list for my own patients. By the way, I am very glad to know that your life today is not dominated by the horrible events that destroyed your childhood. Your light shines bright and beautiful today.

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