Crystal L. Miller, M.A., BCCC • Patsy,

Thank you so much for this inspiring interview! I just know that your book, “Sandy’s Miracle” is awesome!

It is never easy to open up and tell a story such as yours to a deliberating audience, skeptics, and believers with “just get over it” mentalities. I applaud your bravery and your good works in fighting child sexual abuse.

Thank you also for sharing about the impact of God Grace and power in the healing process. Keep up all you do for the sake of others!

Can You Hear Me Now w/ Annie O’Sullivan & P Giddings! CASA
CASA!!! Patsy Giddings mother of five grandmother to fifteen resides in Cookeville, TN. Due to her and her husband Marks love of children, and the severe abuse Patsy suffered as a child, they became foster parents. Two years later they became court appointed special advocates (CASA). Their passion r…
Tonight’s special guest is Patsy (Patti) Giddings from Tennessee, a survivor of severe child abuse who went through foster care after she was adopted at the age of six. She’s now a die-hard child abuse advocate and author of the book “Sandy’s Miracle.” Due to the severe child abuse Patsysuffered as a child, she and her husband became foster parents themselves, doing this for two years before becoming volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). Their passion runs deep and personal in a determination to help abused children. Patsy went on to become a voice of advocacy, giving public lectures to bring awareness of the desperate need existing in modern day America, to protect our children. This is how she spends her time when she is not writing. From California, to Michigan, and Mississippi, Ms Giddings’ book, ‘Sandy’s Miracle’, delves into some of mankind’s darkest depravities – regarding physical, mental, and sexual child abuse. She personally experienced extraordinary incidents of cruelty and rape from those in her own family, in social entities, and eventually in the clutches of her adopted family. The secrets behind the scenes of these social iniquities are revealed. But Patsy’s ‘miracle’ (Sandy’s Miracle) came at the least expected time as God intervened into her life with salvation and rescue.

Patsy Giddings
Sandys Miracle
Broadcast in Self Help

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  1. Great! Thank you. I’m putting it all together so will be a couple of weeks or so.

  2. Patsy I am working on developing blogtalkradio segments; would you be willing to be a guest?

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